In 1963, Bob Larsen planted

his first Christmas trees and, alongside his wife Marilyn, began a labor of love  that  would last 48 years.  

His Son, Robert Larsen grew up working on the farm and stayed in the egg producing business until 1960, at a time when small farmers could no longer compete with larger producers.

The Farm's History

Bob and Marilyn Larsen still live here and their grandson now runs the farm as he learns the trade from his grandfather on the very site where it all began so many years ago. 

As we look to the future, we invite you to join us in making cherished memories in the times to come.

Along the way, they raised a family of four children and at one time had two other farms close-by that many customers still remember... Larsen's Tree Farm #2 and #3

In 1918, Hans Larsen bought this piece of property and started a chicken farm much in the same way that many small farmers of the era in Petaluma had done.

Larsen's Christmas Tree Farm