Tree Netting-

For easy handling from the farm to the home, simply cut the netting off after setting the tree up in the stand

Tree Shaking-

cleans your tree before taking it home.


Larsen's Christmas Tree Farm

The services we provide as you select and purchase the perfect tree....

After exploring the farm's bridges, red barns, and Christmas trees in every direction, some may ask, how do I get my tree netted or shaken??? Or, what services are available? We have friendly workers more than happy to help you with your tree and free loading and tie down service is always available.

Once you've cut your tree, or selected a Pre-Cut tree, go back to the sales room to return your saw and pay for the tree you selected. All Choose-and-Cut trees in the field are $56.95 for any tree/any size. Pre-cut trees are individually priced and you can tear off the bottom portion of the stub and present it to the cashier.(Now accepting all major Credit Cards)

*Drilling a hole (for spike stands) is a free service, located next to the netting shed.

As you pull up to your parking spot, you're plenty ready to track down and cut the perfect tree. Why wait? Lets go! Saws for cutting your tree are available in the Sales room. Tree Carts are located on pathways leading to the fields. 

(Both free of course, but Adults Please Carry Saws)  

If you would like your tree to be shaken clean, netted, or both, ask the cashier and after your transaction is complete,  bring your tree and tickets to our friendly workers at the netting shed below.

Tree Stands, Wreaths, &  Christmas tree related accessories are available in the Sales Room.

And if you have a sweet tooth.... there's a bake sale to support local youth groups on Sat. and Sun. as well as free coffee in the sales room.