Other varieties are available in limited quantities including: Choose-and-Cut Douglas-fir, Sierra Redwood, Incense Cedar, and Pre-cut Silver Tip Fir (Red Fir)

Choose-and-Cut trees are priced $52.95 any type/any size tree in the field.

Available varieties include: 

Experience The Difference!

Our Pre-cut trees are kept in shade and water at all times to ensure longevity in the home that simply cannot be matched by lots in town. 

Scotch Pine has stiff brances, blue-green needles, excellent longevity in the home, and a moderate pine scent.

Leyland Cypress is an attractive Christmas that is perfect for allergy sufferers as it does not produce pollen. Additionally, the tree boasts attractive foliage and last long in the home.

Monterey Pine, a native of the California Coast, has long been the classic Choose & Cut  Christmas tree of the Bay area with rich green needles and excellent  pine scent.

Douglas-fir is perfect for customers looking for a full, and very fragrant tree that will fill the home with the scent of mountain air.

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Fresh Pre-Cut Fir Trees

Choose & Cut Trees

Our Noble Fir trees are an excellent choice with perfect spacing for ornaments, just the right taper, and beautiful blue-green foliage. A favorite of customers for many years.

Larsen's Christmas Tree Farm

Turkish Fir are a beautiful tree with dark green needles and a flash of silver on the underside of branches. They hold heavy ornaments and are very long lasting in the home when kept in water.